Pre Primary

St.Paul’s Hi-tech High School : The Philosophy

Children, properly guided and mentored in the initial years grow to become useful productive and responsible citizens just the way acorns grow into mighty oaksand withpruning saplings grow to yield better fruit
Sound fostering of an individual in the foundational stages of school goes a long way in preparing the child to take on the challenges of learning and draw with joy from the wealth of knowledge, technology, world view and social values
St.Paul’s believes that a race well begun is already half won; thus the Pre-primary Package is an integral part of its iconic group of institutions set to lay a sure foundation for a good number of achievers at the school and plus 2 level

Foundational principles of St.Paul’s
The years from 2 to 5 are very significant for physical and mental growth, establishing the following:
Better development of all senses and their coordination
Growth of the child’s ability for verbal communication and the fast replacement of gestures
Independent control over challenges of everyday living and less of parental control
Awareness towards the world outside; less of awareness turned inwards
The power to retain and assimilate facts and the skill to conceptualize, explore and grow; less of responding to the immediate present
During these years the child into a fast growing individual, forever energetic, active, curious explorer, organizing information and inputs from the world and thirsting for more stimuli
There is greater control and coordination over gross and fine physical skills and coordination, exploring in response to the demand to know, understand, express and move to physical and psychological fullness
St.Paul’s strives to nurture this growth and transformation during the period from Nursery through Upper Kindergarten. St.Paul’s guides the child towards systematic learning through exploration, offers space for physical activity and reinforces individual and group experiences